Grab Riders can now change Drop-Off Point in App

Grab riders and drivers used to frown when there is a sudden change of destinations. Riders were not able to change destination in the app and drivers did not know how to charge. Starting 8 October 2018, riders can change their destination in-app and drivers will automatically be compensated.

The Change Drop-Off Surcharge

When riders change their drop-off point, the Grab Driver app will be notified and updated to show the new drop-off point, the fixed fare for the total distance travelled plus the surcharge. The Change Drop-off surcharge is added automatically.

Grab destination change surcharge
image – Grab

Important Note – As it is still a new feature under testing mode, it is not available to all riders. Drivers should check if at the end of the trip if the Change Drop Off Surcharge is applied.

image – Grab

If you do not see the additional surcharge, you should manually key it in based on Grab additional stop surcharge.

How does Grab calculate the fare for a change of destination trip?

The fare will be calculated based on the distance already travelled plus the distance to the new drop-off point plus high demand prices at the time of original booking (if any) and the Change Drop-off surcharge.

Quick Fire Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can a rider change the destination on a trip
Ans – Once a trip

I’m on a destination trip how? I want to go Jurong but rider now want to go Changi
Ans – Riders cannot change the destination on a destination trip. If they insist, call Grab hotline for help.

GrabShare can change destination?
Ans – No way

Back-to-Back trip how? I dropping off at Ion Orchard and back-to-back trip pick-up is at Wisma. Now current rider suddenly wants to change drop-off at Holland Village.
Ans – Riders will not be able to change on their app.

Is the $3 ‘taxable’ by Grab
Ans – Yes, $3 surcharge is subjected to the Grab service fee

Change of destination is a long overdue feature. We wonder what took them so long.

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