Grab Circuit Breaker Scheme for Private-Hire Driver Starting 6 April

Grab has finally taken action to help their suffering Private-Hire Drivers by announcing their Circuit Breaker Scheme.

Commission Reduction

Starting 6 April 2020 to 4th May 2020, all Grab private-hire driver-partners will enjoy commission reduction starting from 50%.

image – Grab Singapore

If you are a GrabRental Driver-Partner, you get to enjoy 100% commission waiver.

If you are an Emerald or Ruby partner renting from a non-GrabRental Partner or using your own vehicle, your commission reduction is at 50% only.

Sapphire and Diamond partner who rent from non-GrabRental Partner or using their own car can get up to 55% commission deduction. The qualifying condition is a Super Steady Streak at least 36 or more as at end-March 2020.

Lower GEMS targets 

GEM incentive targets will also be reduced for the period of 6 April 2020 to 4th May 2020. 

Image – Grab Singapore

GEM targets for the period will be reduced from 80/week to 50/week.

Emerald & Ruby Partners will receive $45/week while Sapphire & Diamond Partners will receive $85/week if they hit the target.

Standard qualifying criteria such as Acceptance Rating (AR), Cancellation Rating (CR), Driver Ratings (DR) applies.

Peak Hour is defined as Weekdays 7 am to 9.59 am, 5 pm to 7.59 pm,
Saturday – 9 am to 10.59 pm, Sunday – 10 am to 7.59 pm

What is Grab taking away from Drivers?

Incentives for premium services such as GrabCar Plus and GrabCar Premium will be put on hold.

Far Pick-up Bonus and the Super Steady Incentive Program will also be put on hold.

Grab Driver Partners are incensed with the Circuit Breaker

Drivers were clearly broken when they finally got the Circuit Breaker scheme from Grab. Some drivers were expecting more help to be on the way from Grab, such as the introduction of GrabFood and GrabExpress jobs for private-hire drivers.

They were upset that Grab was removing the Super Steady in return of commission reduction. Substitute 1 for another.

Others wondered how to hit 50 Gems in a Circuit Breaker Period.

While some tagged MP Ang Hin Kee, hoping to get his attention.

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