GrabFood and GrabExpress for Private-Hire Grab Drivers

More opportunities for earnings for Grab Drivers. Now private-hire Grab drivers can sign-up and receive GrabFood and GrabExpress delivery jobs.

Is this Legal

Yes, Grab has stated that it is the only platform that has received the approval by LTA to allow private-hire drivers to deliver food as additional earnings.

Do take note that providing commercial courier service using a private-hire car other than Grab’s related service is still no legal under LTA’s regulations. Only GrabFood and GrabExpress are approved as of now.

Your Z10 Commercial Insurance must also cover the use for delivery.

According to Grab, An in-principle approval has been issued by the following insurers to extend motor insurance to commercial courier services.

Personal injury and accidents will be covered in accordance with Grab’s Group Personal Accidents.
i) MSIG (only for GrabRentals Fleet)
ii) NTUC Income
iii) Insurer under Fleet Partners (eg. Lion City, Primers Group)

How much can you earn on GrabFood and GrabExpress

Grabfood Job
image – Grab

There is a base fare of $9 for both GrabFood. For GrabFood, there may be additional surcharges (like surge) during periods of high demand.

There is zero commission for GrabFood deliveries, meaning you keep whatever that you earn. The earnings will be displayed on the job card when you receive an incoming job.

For GrabExpress, the fare will be similar to that of JustGrab where there is a base fare plus distanced-based fare.

GrabFood Grabexpress earnings
image – Grab

There will be a 20% commission deduction for all GrabExpress jobs.

When will I get these jobs?

Private-hire Drivers who sign-up for the GrabFood and GrabExpress jobs can expect to receive jobs during the following hours.

GrabFood – Between 10 am to 4.30 pm and 8 pm to 6.30 am
GrabExpress – 10 am to 4.30 pm

Whole DayHow to sign-up to receive GrabFood and GrabExpress jobs as a private-hire driver

Register with Grab to express your interest. Complete the online training and receive an SMS for collection of your GrabFood Gear.

Unlike GrabShare, this is not compulsory and Drivers can opt-out anytime but turning off the service on their driver app.

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