Grab Drivers need to hit a higher Driver Rating or face Suspension

Grab has announced that they will be revising the minimum Driver Rating (DR) requirement.

The new change will come into effect on 1 July 2019.

Increased Minimum Driver Rating from 1 July 2019

Starting 1 July 2019, Grab drivers must achieve and maintain a minimum Driver Rating of 4.50. This will have an impact on different groups of drivers.

Drivers who work hard for the incentives and bonuses must meet the increased minimum Driver Rating of 4.50 to qualify.

The minimum quarterly Driver Rating for the Sapphire tier will see a greater increase from 4.50 to 4.60.

Shape Up or Face Suspension

image – Grab

According to Grab’s Code of Conduct clause (2)(a), Drivers need to main a driver’s average rating of 4.30 and above to avoid suspension.

Grab is giving drivers the month of June and July to clean up your act. Drivers who are below the new requirement can expect to be contacted by Grab.

Grab has said they will not immediately suspend drivers in the month of July 2019. What they will do after July is everyone’s guess.

More to Come

It has been a rough month for many Grab Drivers. Many fellow Grab drivers have complained of a reduced number of calls and low fares on this June holiday.

The increased minimum Driver Rating is the second piece of bad news to hit drivers in a week.

A week ago, drivers were stripped of their off-day subsidy benefit. The off-day benefit was well-liked among the drivers. It gave them a good reason to take a break from driving. Drivers often find it hard to take a day off due to the high cost of car rental and the lack of replacement income. With the removal of the off-day subsidy, drivers will have less motivation to take a break.

What is next to come from Grab?



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