Grab Drivers can expect to drive more after losing off-day subsidy

Grab Drivers were recently notified that their off-day subsidies benefit will be discontinued from 1 July 2019.

Off-Day Subsidy

What is the Off-Day Subsidy

The off-day subsidy is an exclusive benefit under the Emerald Circle program. The benefit is only reserved for the sapphire and diamond tier Grab Drivers. Drivers in the lower Emerald and Ruby tier are not entitled to it.

The Off-Day subsidy is a benefit to encourage drivers to take an off day and yet still get reimbursed by Grab. It was launched to much fanfare back in mid-2018

Good Things Don’t Last with Grab

The off-day subsidy benefit was a well-thought gesture for our Sapphire and Diamond drivers. The majority of Sapphire and Diamond drivers are full-time drivers spending long hours on the road everyday. Giving them an incentivised off-day to rest and spend time with their family was a great initiative.

Unfortunately, good things like this don’t usually last.

The Bitter Battle between Grab and Go-Jek

It is an open secret that drivers always try to find ways to beat the system. From the early days of Uber till now, drivers are constantly thinking out of the box to ‘improvise’.

Many drivers also found a way to ‘improvise’ on the off-day subsidy. Grab Drivers would only be entitled to apply for the off-day subsidy if they did not drive Grab for the whole off day.

So what do they do? They turn on their Go-Jek Driver App and drive for Go-Jek for that day! commercial Car insurance

Unverified rumours and discussions have been ongoing on social media and private hire drivers chat groups that the removal of the off-day subsidy is a result of the ongoing battle between Grab and Go-Jek.

By offering off-day subsidy to drivers has resulted in an unintended effect letting the driver drive for the competitor.

Look who is always the one getting hurt in the cross-fire.