Grab Final Jackpot is shared between 11,348 Drivers

The long-awaited Final Jackpot per share winning is finally announced. Drivers who gave their best service during the qualifying week in October wait with bated breath to know how much is their winning share.

What is the Final Jackpot about?

The Final Jackpot is a special program to incentivise driver-partners who provide 5-star service. Drivers who have at least 10x 5-star ratings for the week and 0% cancellation will qualify for the final table to share the prize.

The Final Results

After much deliberation, drivers finally know how much their winning share is! The Final Jackpot snowballed to a massive $69,938.

Many drivers who ‘secretly’ qualified by keeping their fingers off the cancellation button were excited. The anxiety was made worse when Grab delayed the announcement of winning per share.

A total of 11,348 discreet drivers had achieved the feat of having at least 10X 5-star rating and 0% cancellation. As a result, the final jackpot is split between 11,348 of them and each share of the pot is worth $6.15 (round down from $6.16)

50% Commission Rebate on Friday 2 November 2018

Drivers who qualified for a share of the final jackpot are also rewarded with a special 50% commission rebate day on 2 November 2018. All rides except GrabHitch will qualify for the rebate. The rebate will be deposited into the Grab Driver App cash wallet by the end of Wednesday 7 November 2018.

!(*&^%$!@$%^&* Grab!

Naturally, drivers who worked for it are not happy. It was an enticing final jackpot amount but a miserable per winning share.

What can driver-partners learn from this Jackpot lesson?

  1. If you can strike Jackpot so easily, everyone else also can.
  2. Your driving kaki who everyday talk big say always cancel and cancel is lying to you. Hello, there are 11,348 drivers who qualified!
  3. Your foul-mouthed driving kakis who says they always screw riders upside down is also lying to you. He probably smiled throughout the whole week to fight for his 5-star ratings.
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