Grab finally improves their Cancellation Feature for Drivers

Grab has finally introduced an improved cancellation feature for Drivers. The new cancellation feature will allow Drivers to cancel (without so much anger and fear) on trips that it is not possible to fulfil.

The new cancellation feature is part of Grab Better 365 project that seeks to improve Grab Driver’s driving experience. It is also a further improvement over the passenger no-show feature in first introduced in May 2018.

The changes comes shortly after the introduction of the Grab Emerald Circle incentive program that rewards drivers for driving for Grab.


What is the new Cancellation Feature

Drivers can choose from a list of option for cancellation without affecting their Cancellation Ratings (CR).

  • Passenger is with a child (below 1.35m)
  • Passenger is with a pet
  • Too many passengers or luggage
  • Can’t pick up at location
Grab Cancellation Feature
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How does it work

  • Tap I’ve Arrived only upon reaching the passenger’s pick-up point
  • If the passenger is travelling with a child below 1.35m, with a pet, too many luggage or the pick-up location does not allow for pick-up, inform passenger that you are cancelling
  • For ‘Passenger no show’, the driver must ensure that they have waited for at least 5 minutes for JustGrab or 3 minutes for Grabshare
  • Driver must cancel the job while still at the pick-up point.
  • The cancellation feature will also not be available if driver click on I’ve Arrived before arriving at the pick-up point.

Failure to follow the rules will result in driver’s cancellation ratings (CR) being affected.

Drivers have a weekly quota of 6 cancellations. The 6 cancellations quota that does not affect cancellation rating (CR) is inclusive of all cancellation reasons. If Driver has 4 passenger no-show and 2 passenger is with a child cancellations within the week, he would have used up his quota for the week.

The weekly quota is refreshed every Monday at 0000 hours.

Update your Grab Driver App

Update your Grab Driver App to the latest version. The minimum Grab Driver App version is 1.30.0 for iOS and 5.43.0 for Android.

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