What is Grab Emerald Circle Drivers’ Rewards Program and Benefits

Grab Emerald Circle is a new reward program for Grab PHV Drivers.

Grab has been teasing their drivers for some time with the Grab Emerald Circle program, even making a sneak preview of what drivers can look forward to.

What is Grab Emerald Program

The Grab Emerald Program is a brand new points-based multi-tier rewards program where drivers will enjoy benefits and privileges.

Grab Emerald CircleThere are 4 tiers of reward in the program.

Grab Emerald Circle

Tier one of the program is the Emerald – This is the entry level where drivers will enjoy the basic benefits such as petrol discount card, preferential medical rates and income protection rates. Drivers will also have access to GrabAcademy.

Ruby Emerald CircleTier two of the program is the Ruby 8,500 XP Points – Drivers in the Ruby tier will enjoy enhanced Emerald tier benefits. Drivers will also be offered extended medical benefits and income protection.

sapphire emerald circleTier three of the program is the Sapphire 25,000 XP Points – Drivers in the Sapphire tier will enjoy both enhanced Emerald and Ruby benefits. They will also enjoy priority access support at Grab branch and enjoy worry-free off days with rental subsidies.

To qualify for the Sapphire tier, drivers must have a minimum Driver Rating of 4.5 (quarterly average)

Diamond Emerald CircleThe highest tier is the Diamond Tier 32,000 XP Points. Drivers in the diamond tier get access to all Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire benefits. In addition, there are higher monthly awards, priority access on Grab hotline and at Grab branch. Diamond tier Grab Drivers will also receive priority allocation in receiving passenger bookings.

Membership to the Diamond Tier is by invitation only and is open to the top 10% of Sapphire Tier. To qualify for the Diamond tier, drivers must achieve a minimum Driver Rating of 4.7, Acceptance Rate of 90% and Maximum Cancellation Rate of 10% (Quarterly Average).

How do you earn points?

Every $1 of the commission that is received by Grab will translate to 7XP points.

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When is Grab Emerald Circle launching?

The new reward program is expected to be launch in the first week of July 2018. Grab Drivers should check their email in the first week of July 2018 to check which tier they belong to.

Emerald Circle Benefits

There are different benefits for every tier. When drivers progress to the higher tier, they would be rewarded with more.

Grab Emerald Circle benefits
image – Grab Singapore

What are the benefits

image – Grab Singapore
image – Grab Singapore

Flexing the Muscle

The introduction of the Grab Emerald Circle is a smart move to incentivise private drivers to stay loyal and drive with Grab. Drivers earn points and enjoy more benefits as they progress up the tiers.

The introduction of the Emerald Circle comes shortly after the introduction of the Super Steady Incentive Program where drivers earn reward payout and cashback when they maintain a driving streak with Grab.

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SOURCEImages from Grab Singapore
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