Grab launch Never Seen Before Deals for Comfort Taxi Drivers

Grab has launched its biggest targeted offensive against Comfort DelGro.

Named the Never Seen Before Deals for ComfortDelGro Taxi Drivers, Grab is offering a package really never seen before in the industry.

20% Commission Pay only $0.60 commission per completed trip

Comfort DelGro taxi drivers who sign-up for this Never Seen Before promotion will only pay $0.60 commission per trip instead of the usual 20%.

25% Fuel Discount

Drivers are entitled to 25% fuel discount at Shell Petrol Station islandwide!

Bring your relief brother along

Don’t say bo jio! Register together with your relief driver and each driver is entitled to choose what package suits each individual. Main hirer and the relief driver are free to choose what package to sign-up for.

Earn extra for every trip, Earn more with longer contract

image credit – Grab

Drivers can choose between option 1 and 2. Option 1 offers the driver a $2 cash bonus (12 months contract) for every trip completed. Option 2 is a fare protection that guarantees driver receive a minimum $10 fare for every completed trip.

CDG Taxi Earning vs Grab Private Hire Earning

image credit – Grab Terms and conditions apply*

Still undecided who to drive for? Grab has drawn up a comparison between earning potentials between a Comfort DelGro Taxi Driver and Grab Private-Hire Driver.

With the new Grab Never Seen Before Deal for Comfort DelGro Taxi Drivers, ex-Comfort DelGro taxi drivers can expect to make up to $2000 more per month with all the incentives and savings they can receive from this promotion.

$2000 more a month? Sure boh

Grab has even interviewed 2 ex Comfort DelGro Taxi Drivers to take a shot at their ex-companies. Both drivers shared how much more they could make by driving with Grab and how their ex Taxi company is not keeping up with times and does not take care of their drivers.

Consolidating of Power

The latest promotion is round 2 of efforts to poach Comfort DelGro Drivers. During round 1 of promotion which offered big rental discount to Comfort Taxi Drivers, it was reported that close to 3000 taxi drivers expressed interest in signing up with Grab.

After the latest round of US$700million funding, Grab announced their ambition to build the biggest fleet of vehicles in the region. That can explain why they are offering such attractive terms to build up their driver base to support their ambition. Market observers also see this as a strategy to indirectly attack Uber, who has been in partnership talks with Comfort Delgro.

This round of promotion is expected to recruit more Comfort DelGro taxi drivers to jump ship and further heighten the vacancy problems of Comfort Taxis.

Does the consolidation of power in Grab’s possession spell more troubled times ahead for existing private-hire drivers?


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