Grab Takes Airport Ride-Hailing to New Heights with GrabShare BETA and Other Innovative Services

Grab unveiled a range of new services for airport ride-hailing bookings on March 9th, 2023.

Starting from March 9th, 2023, Grab will expand its GrabShare BETA service to cover terminals Two and Three of Changi Airport during the evenings from 5 pm to 12 am.

Grab has redesigned its ride-sharing service based on user and driver partner feedback. Under the updated service, two passengers who are travelling light and not in a hurry can share a Grab ride at a cheaper fare.

If it all works out, this redesign also will ensure drivers do not need to take unnecessary detours when picking up matched passengers, something that makes Grabshare trip a pain for most drivers.

What’s new in GrabShare Beta

image – Grab
  1. GrabShare BETA Changi Airport will only match passengers within the same terminal. Drivers will not have to circle all the terminals to pick them up one by one.
  2. Pick-up will be based on the sequence of door numbers starting with the one nearest to the driver so that drivers do not have to detour.
  3. There is a luggage size limit per passenger. Each passenger is only allowed a 27″ luggage.

To ensure the success and effectiveness of the new system, a highly accurate location system on the Grab Driver Partner platform will be crucial.

Grab is also working on streamlining its ride-booking screen to make it easier for airport passengers to select the most suitable vehicle option based on their group size and luggage requirements.

App-less Grab Booking

Grab has announced a partnership with WeChat and WhatsApp to enable travellers to book rides at Changi Airport without the need to download the Grab app.

If a passenger doesn’t present the Grab app as usual, it’s recommended that drivers refrain from assuming they’re not using Grab’s services to book their ride.

They might instead be using WeChat or WhatsApp to book their ride at Changi Airport.

By the end of March 2023, travellers will be able to use WeChat and WhatsApp to book their rides

Pick-up Point Upgrade

Grab has introduced a new navigation tool to its existing Venues feature, offering users in-app photo and text directions to guide them to their selected pick-up points.

Users can preview images of each pick-up point before making their selection, and they will receive turn-by-turn directions to the chosen point prior to booking their ride.

image – Grab

The new navigation tool within Grab’s Venues feature enables users to choose their pick-up point more accurately and reach it with ease. This, in turn, reduces driver wait times and eases congestion at pick-up points.

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