Grab updates the Heat Map and introduce new Driver Rewards

Grab has announced that they are tweaking the driver app, again! As part of their Better 365 initiative, new features are introduced to try to improve the driving experience and protect income.

Improved Demand Heat Map

Grab heat map
image – Grab

The ‘improved’ Demand Heat Map is an improved version of the previous demand map. Passenger demand is now represented by different shades of red. The darker the red, the greater the demand is in the area.

The Demand Heat Map will be refreshed every 5 minutes. Changes in demand can be seen in the changing map color. A darkening red color will represent increasing demand while a lightening red color will mean lower demand.

Red not equal to High Fare

Yes, this is not a typo error. Red zone does not mean that the fare in the red zone is red hot high fare. Red simply represents where the higher rider demand is.

Uber heat map
Uber Heat Map

Huh WTF? Can you just take a cue from Uber and follow their simple to use and understand heat map!!

Update your app

To enjoy the new and ‘improved’ Heat Map, Driver partners should ensure that they are on the latest updated app or at least on Grab Driver app v1.33.1 for iOS or v5.46.0 for Android.

Reward for Top Rated Drivers

Are you a top-rated Driver who provide excellent service? You could very well be rewarded soon.

Grab will reward the Top 100 Partners of each Emerald Circle Tier for their hard work and exceptional customer service.

The Top 100 drivers in Diamond and Sapphire tier will earn a reward of $50, while Ruby and Emerald Partners will get $30.

Tweak in Pick-Up Bonus Feature 

Pick-Up Bonus is an initiative to reimburse drivers for long pick-up more than 3km. It was introduced on 10 September 2018.

There is a small tweak in the pick-up bonus feature. The pick-up bonus will now be visible on the transit screen. Previously, drivers had to check job history and payment statements to check on the pick-up bonus.

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