Grab launches Hitch Club Incentives Program for GrabHitch Drivers

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Grab has introduced a brand new loyalty programme for GrabHitch Drivers. It is a multi-tier loyalty programme that will provide GrabHitch drivers with greater support on the platform and more benefits through app features such as no-show guarantees and other merchant deals.

How does Hitch Club Works?

Every completed Hitch ride earns you points. Accumulate the points and enjoy the rewards. The more points the driver earns, the more rewards to enjoy in the higher tier.

What are the 4 Tiers and How to earn points 

There are 4 Tiers of rewards. Starting from Rookie and all the way to Champ.

Grabhitch Tier
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Each $1 in Hitch fares will earn the driver 10 points. On an average $10 fare trip, the Hitch Driver would have made 100 points per trip.

Drivers can also earn points faster when they drive on weekends and at selected locations. Fares earned on weekends will earn 1.5X points. Grab will also be introducing a location-based multiplier soon.

What is Hitch Club Benefits

Grab Hitch Drivers will enjoy benefits and discount with Grab partner merchants.

Grab Hitch Club Benefits
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Drivers who are on the Pro and Champ tier will also be entitled to special benefits.

Drivers will also be entitled to No-Show Guarantee where they will be reimbursed for rider-no-show. Drivers can claim up to 30% of the fare when rider do not turn up for the trip.

Champ Tier Drivers will be entitled to use the feature up to 3 times a month. Drivers in the Go-Getter and Pro Tiers will be entitled to use the feature once a month.

Pro and Champ Tiered Drivers will pay a reduced platform fee rate of 8% and 5% respectively. Platform fee rate is the amount of commission fee payable to Grab on every completed trip.

Champ Tier Drivers will also gain access to priority hotline. The hotline is available 24/7 and is a dedicated hotline to serve champ tier drivers faster.

Start Hitching

Car ownership in Singapore ranks as the most expensive in the world. GrabHitch is a smart way normal car owners can recover some cost, make new friends and lessen their carbon footprint on the earth.

No vocational licence, no blue decal on the windscreen and no minimum trip requirements, start driving for GrabHitch today.

Sign-up and receive $20 when you complete your first trip.

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