How to sign-up as GrabHitch Driver

$20 Sign-Up Bonus for new GrabHitch Driver

Make extra money with your private car today! No need register company, No need commercial insurance, No need private-hire driving licence

Everybody can be part of the Uber and GrabCar revolution and you can be part of it too. No, we are not asking you to be a professional Uber or GrabCar driver. We are teaching you a way to make money with your car legally, no hassle and no requirements to meet.

Introducing the best social CarPooling solution in Singapore, GrabHitch is the fastest-growing social CarPooling platform in Singapore.

Who Can Be A GrabHitch Driver

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Uber driver

Minimum 18+ years of age

A private-car with valid insurance

GrabHitch payment

Valid Driving Licence with 1 year driving experience

Benefits of Driving on GrabHitch

There are many benefits of Grabhitch

Make some money to offset the cost of your car, petrol and ERPs

Uber driver

Make new friends and useful connections. Always good to expand your network

Own time , own target. No requirement to drive everyday. You Drive As and When You Want

Hassle-Free. There is no need to register a limo company, no need commercial licence, no need vocational licence

Reduce your carbon footprint on our Earth. CarPooling reduces pollutants and is friendly to our Green Earth

How much can you earn per GrabHitch trip

GrabHitch Drivers can make $5 to $15 per trip on average. Drivers who constantly drive for GrabHitch can make up to $600 a month

What cars can be used for GrabHitch

Yes! You can use your Lamborghini and Ferrari to do GrabHitch! Any passenger car with proper insurance can be used as GrabHitch.

Did you know that cars such as BMW i8, Porsche Panamera, Lamborghini Gallardo are among the GrabHitch Platform!

Sign-Up Incentive for new GrabHitch Drivers

For a limited time only, Sign-up with our referral code – 6592772999 & get additional $20 new driver incentive upon completion of your 1st trip!

Sign-up offer lasts until 30 Sep 2018.
New GrabHitch driver must take a trip by 30 Sep 2018 to qualify for the $20 new driver incentive.

Signing Up Takes Only 3 Minutes

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GrabHitch payment

Physical Driving Licence

Photo of your car and details such as number plate and car model

Referral Code


 to enjoy the new sign-up $20 bonus

5-Step Easy Sign-Up Guide

Turn on GrabCar app 

Click on Drive with Hitch (middle of screen). Sign up now

Take photo of front and back of driving licence and upload

Fill up information of car – Car Brand , Model and Licence Plate Number (e.g. Toyota / Vios / SXX1234X)

Sign up with referral code


 and submit

Your account will be reviewed by GrabCar and a staff will get in touch with you to approve your account usually within 1-3 business days.

Fret Not! Driving on GrabHitch is very easy and fun!

Make $ and Have Fun at the same time.

Many people have already started driving on GrabHitch! Don’t be left behind on the opportunity!

Already sign-up? Learn how to use the GrabHitch Driver App

Questions on GrabHitch? Check out GrabHitch Driver FAQs

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