How to earn $7400 a Month with GrabCar?

It was reported in news Mr Jeremy earns $7400 a month with grabcar

Daily Rental – $50 , Daily Petrol – $50 Total daily cost – $100, The monthly cost is $3000 based on $100 X 30 days.

In order to earn $7400 a month, it must be the incentives that GrabCar pays him so much.

The REAL number, it was Reported – Earns $7400 before rental and petrol

Scenario 1

–  $7400 is after 20% GrabCar commission deduction

– Takehome – $7400 – $1500 (rental) – $1500 (petrol) = $4400

– Hourly earning average – $4400 / 300 hours = $14.66

Scenario 2

– $7400 fare before 20% GrabCar commission deduction, daily rental $50 and daily petrol $50

– Takehome – $7400 – $1480 (20%) – $1500 (rental) – $1500 (petrol) = $2920

– Hourly earning average – $9.73

Based on the real Nett take-home figures, Mr. Poh hourly earnings still trumps many other drivers.

At an hourly rate of $14.66 / $9.73, depending on which figure you believe in, it is still a decent extra income.

Uber/GrabCar driver earn so little money?

The numbers are not amazing but most people missed out a key point that they enjoy the convenience of a car.

Car is exorbitantly expensive and it is a luxurious product that is not within reach of many Singaporean in their lifetime. A basic car will easily set you back $1200 per month.

The introduction of Car hailing/ sharing mobile apps presented an opportunity for people to own a car and make use of the car to offset the cost of the car by been a Uber/ Grab driver. A

Also Compare between Uber and Grab Earnings, who pays better? So to all drivers, stop moaning and start driving.

#uber6k is outdated, now is #Grab7.4k