Justgrab Pilot Scheme to gives passenger option to convert to Grabshare


Starting 6th of Jan, Grab is going to pilot a new function in their transport platform which allows rider to convert their Justgrab ride to become a grabshare ride, with rider approval.

Lets imagine this scenario, a rider book a justgrab ride, the option to switch from a justgrab ride to grabshare ride will appear when the passenger has been allocated a driver, and is waiting for the driver to arrive. It does not happen in the middle of JustGrab ride. Rider will be notified of the option to convert before boarding the car. however if rider do not approve, then their ride continues as usual.

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Option to convert to grabshare ride will only be triggered if there are suitable pick up that is nearby, this is to minimize detours and increase the number of matching grabshare rides.

A Driver can identify these ride that is selected to be converted to grabshare ride with the below details.

  1. Fare will be ranged
  2. Depending on whether the original rider approves or not, the fares will be updated accordingly to the ride entity.
  3. Notification will be given that a grabshare ride may be revert to a justgrab ride if passenger declines the option to convert
  4. Pilot period is expected to run for 4 months.
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