LTA refute Uber claims that all their defective Honda Vezel are fixed

Only 9% of affected vehicles are fixed

LTA has refuted Uber’s claims that all their defective Honda Vezels, that has a manufacturing defect and could catch fire, had been rectified.

LTA said that only 9% of the affected cars are fixed, contrary to Uber’s claims that all are fixed.

According to records based on latest available information provided by car importers and dealers, Uber owned 1,200 of the affected cars out of the 11,000 Honda Vezel that were imported into Singapore.

The Straits Times reported that when they quizzed Uber repeatedly if the defective parts in all 1,200 cars had been replaced, Uber would only say it is “working closely with LTA and importers to ensure that LTA’s records are up to date. Uber spokesman said

Profits over safety

Despite a known problem with the vehicle, Uber chose to proceed with the purchase of the defective Honda Vezel. Uber only took immediate actions to rectify the problem when a Honda Vezel driven by a Uber Driver caught fire in January 2017.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Uber’s senior management were aware of the defective vehicles and recommended to take the vehicles back from the affected drivers to avoid unnecessary risks. However, Uber Singapore General Manager said that plan would cost the company about $1.4million in costs. Instead, it chose to do a recall of the vehicles to disable the defective parts until the replacements parts are available.

Vezel safe to drive?

There is an alarming number of cars on fire these days. Are you driving a Honda Vezel? Get it checked for safety or choose another car from the list of popular cars used for Uber/Grab in Singapore

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