Top 10 Most Popular Uber/Grab Car in Singapore

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There are many Uber / Grab cars plying our roads everyday. Ever wondered what are the most common Uber / Grab car models that Drivers are using? We list the top 10 most popular Uber/Grab Car of 2017- Also find out more about Best Cars for Uber/ Grab to increase earnings and get your Z10 Commercial car insurance

Honda Vezel

The most popular car by a mile.
So popular that riders just jump into any Vezel they see at pick-up point
Crossover with decent space and fuel economy.
Hybrid Version is highly sough-after and long waitlist

Who is driving – Everyone from the part-time fresh grad to the retired sporty uncle

Toyota Corolla Altis

Most sellable car in the world over past few decade
Updated design and performance
Reliable workhorse that can last a longtime

Who is driving – Middle-aged uncles’ favorite

Toyota Prius

This is a machine made for driving, so good that even the taxi companies are using it
1 full tank can last over a thousand kilometres
High demand and long que for this model

Who is driving – The hardcore drivers who does 40 trips a day / 180 trips per week

Mitsubishi Attrage

Compact road warrior.
Bulk of these little machines are owned by LCR and Smove
The introduction of the Attrage changed the previous requirement of minimum 1.4 litres set by Uber

Who is driving – The hourly rental drivers from Smove

Mazda 3

Every Uber/Grab can drive a M3 these days.
European styling design and greatly improved performance over the previous M3.
Start-stop technology said to help driver save fuel

Who is driving – Drivers who wants the closest thing next to a Lexus IS250

Toyota Wish

Used to be the most popular model 1-2 year ago
Old-school reliable machine with space and power
Still a popular choice as it it can be for UberXL and Grab 6-seater

Who is driving – The Pakcik with a big family

Toyota Vios

Compact pocket-rocket with good fuel economy
Used to top the fuel economy chart before all the Hybrids came along
So responsive that it probably can out-run most 1.6-2.0 litres Japanese sedans

Who is driving – The closest racer on a budget

Honda Stream

Old school compact MPV.
Many are stylishly fitted with bodykits and sound system
Similar to the Toyota Wish for its ability to do UberXL and Grab 6-seater

Who is driving – The retired audiophile driving for a living now

Mitsubishi Lancer Ex

Built to closely resemble the legendary Mitsubishi Evolution X
The Mitsubishi Lancer brings out the boy-racer in all drivers.
Cycle and Carriage Singapore should be glad that LCR helped them clear stock for this dated model

Who is driving – The Uber/Grab driving auditioning for Fast and Furious 20

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic still looks as good as ever
Powerful engine with Vtec and well-built cabin
Perfect for the drag race on Marina Boulevard every morning peak hour

Who is driving – The Vtec Racerboy

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