Private Hire Driver warned about pick up at Taxi Stand

After the release of the news on taxi drivers are urged to whistle-blow private-hire vehicles who picks up riders inside taxi stand bay or anywhere illegal.

Two of our community readers is sharing his experience after the message went out to taxi.

Below is the experience from a uber driver

“I m driving for uber using Smove rental car. Only a few weeks new Born in pte hire industry. One Friday evening I fetch a rider to bugis and I was instructed to drop her at bugis junction taxi stand which opposite the bugis street. Upon arrival I got another pick. What usually we driver will do is to accept it then we will know where’s the destination to pick. Then upon rider open door another new rider open my door and seat in… When i come out and assist the rider to load the stuff behind the boot. The comfort taxi uncle using index finger point at me warning me and showing me the camera taking sign… This really really upset me… I thought everyone is searching for food on the table for family and we are brother on the road. Why this have becomes so ugly… This really stress me…”

Another driver who drives for grab, shared his experience

“Hi, I m Lee a Grab driver. Just wanna share this everyday We have many of encounters of Customers request us to pick them at various Taxistands. Which most of the time we can’t really do much, most of the i try calling them. they don’t pickup The best is to block the taxistands as the pickup location for customers to choose. And Customers always book normal Car rides where they have kids or Baby on hand, when we call them to explain they just don’t border. And don’t wants to cancel the rides, as in is our fault not to picking them. I mean this things have been out on social media, news and etc… how come they don’t know. That make our jobs really difficult.”

The Taxi drivers are obviously taking this seriously, if you are not reported is because of the taxi driver goodwill. Ultimately, this is traffic law, Private hire drivers please take note and not risk attracting a fine.

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