Taxi Company out to sabo Uber/Grab Drivers

In a wildly circulated SMS on social media, the message urged all taxi drivers to whistle-blow private-hire vehicles who picks up riders inside taxi stand bay or anywhere illegal.

Private hire Driver please take note as there are eyes watching you.

Who is this shit stirrer 

Apparently, the message comes from CDGTAXI DRO, which most people believed to be Comfort Delgro Taxi, the largest taxi operator in Singapore.They urged drivers to send in photos of the errant private-hire vehicle and they will help to forward to LTA to sabo these drivers.

Why they like that 

As competition heats up between taxi and private-hire, many traditional taxi drivers have abandoned their costly taxi rentals to drive for private-hire. Taxi idle rate has increased and that spelt lower profits for taxi companies. In a recent report, Comfort Delgro vehicle numbers have dropped from more than 16000 to the current size of 15000 plus, a decrease of 5.7%.

If you cant beat them, join them
If you cant join them, sabo them

Private-Hire community got riled up and threatened to return an eye for an eye. 

All private-hire cars are labelled with the private-hire decal with effect from 1 July 2017. This makes it easy to spot and easily recognized when they make mistakes such as picking up rider from taxi stands.

The Question here is, if Uber / Grab drivers do not pick up at Taxi Bays, where do they pick up riders from ?

Carpark / Loading Bay / Roadside ?

I wonder which Uber / Grab user will be willing to wait at all these places for pick-up.

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