Private hire (PHV) platform extend temporary driver fees

Petrol price increase

Petrol prices are expected to stay inflated as the Ukraine conflict drags on. As part of the effort to assist drivers on the road with increased operation cost. Private hire platforms in Singapore have extended their interim driver fees till the end of July

Grab additional S$0.50 increase began in April and was scheduled to end on May 31. however with the inflated petrol prices, will extend this measure. It applies to all modes of public transportation, Except for the traditional taxi service, Meal delivery or GrabMart.

In addition, Grab has implemented driver-partner programmes such as commission rebates and petrol reductions in order to assist ease drivers’ day-to-day expenditures as operational costs grow.

Other private hire platforms Gojek and TADA also extends their temporary driver fee till 31st July.

A temporary flat charge will be implemented by Gojek to assist drivers in dealing with increased gasoline expenses. For rides under 10 kilometers, the flat rate is S$0.50; above 10 kilometers, the flat rate is S$0.80. The fee is expected to be in effect till 31st July.

For TADA, they found that petrol prices are still high, they decided to keep the temporary fee increase till 31st July. In order to continue assisting to lessen the burden of petrol on drivers,

Lastly, taxi charges were raised in April by ComfortDelGro as a precaution against rising fuel costs. it was expected to end by end of May. However, we do not see any clear sign that petrol prices are easing and expect ComfortDelGro to extend their fare increase as their private hire peers.

Source: CNA

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