RydePool Rider claimed Driver used 2 fingers to touch her Boob

A RydePool rider has shared her recent unpleasant experience on Facebook.

What Happened

The rider claimed that she was on a RydePool trip from Bugis+. The driver told the rider to take the front seat as the backseat was already occupied. Rider dozed off during the trip and woke up to find the driver’s two fingers touching her right boob.

The name and photo of the alleged driver have been masked to protect their identity.

What’s Your Reason!

When the rider asked what are you doing, the driver simply said “Something’s Dropping”. Rider further elaborated that she was wearing a fitting romper and a brand new nubra that is very secured to her body.

If what the rider claimed is true, the only thing that will be dropping will all be on the driver and his two fingers.

Going Viral

In a matter of hours, the post has gone viral and is widely shared. Netizens have come together to flame the driver and called the rider to make a police report.

Hold your Fire

At the moment, it is a 1-sided rider’s account of the story. The RydePool driver is expected to be making a police report or statement soon. The original post had his photo and details unmasked. It should not take long for him to find out that he is in the news. Let’s wait for the full story.

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