SMRT Strides Taxi to introduce 300 fully electric taxi in Singapore

There is a new Green on the streets of Singapore. SMRT’s taxi arm Strides Taxi has introduced the first batch of 15 electric taxis on 30 August 2021.

The 15 electric taxis are named MG5 and can be easily recognized by their bright green paintwork.

The Strides Fleet will comprise 300 China-made electric taxis and is projected to be rolled out into our streets by the end of 2021.

Fully Electric by 2026


Strides Taxi
image – Strides Taxi Facebook Page

The Straits Times reported that Temasek-owned SMRT currently operates the 3rd biggest taxi fleet with around 1,780 vehicles, all of which are hybrids. SMRT plans to fully convert its fleet to fully electric by 2026.

MG5 Sign-up Incentive

SMRT is offering “early adopters” Free Rental and Free unlimited charging for the first 30 days. Drivers will be able to have access to 140 electric vehicle charging points at 80 locations across Singapore.

SMRT mentioned that it is working with industry players such as SP Group and Shell to provide better discounts and convenience for vehicle charging.

The MG5 is new to the Singapore market. It has a range of up to 300km on a full charge, and takes only 40 minutes to charge a vehicle to 80 percent capacity.

An early adopter who made the switch mentioned that the rental cost is similar to that of the existing hybrid models.

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Going Electric and Green is the way of the future

An all-electric taxi fleet is not something new in Singapore. In late 2020, HDT Taxi which operated an electric fleet shuttered its taxi operation due to the impact of the pandemic on its business.

It did not affect the bigger players as they actively went out to convert more of their fleet to electric and hybrids.

The Government is also encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. In this year’s Budget speech, the government will set aside $30 million over the next five years on electric vehicles initiatives, such as improving and increasing charging provision at private premises.

Grab and Go-Jek has also committed to refreshing their fleet of cars to run on cleaner energy sources by 2030.

Going Green seems to be the only direction where we will be headed now.