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What is UberClub loyalty programme incentive

Uber is introducing a new loyalty programme to reward Driver Partners who have been driving for some time with them.

The UberClub offers tier-based earning guarantees and driver can earn up to $1,700 in regular weekly earnings. The new incentive initiative will make driving for Uber less stressful and make income more consistent.

The introduction of the loyalty programme comes shortly after Uber said acceptance rating will not be required to qualify for incentives.

Who qualifies for UberClub Loyalty Programme

The minimum requirement to qualify for the first tier is the completion of at least 1000 lifetime trips. The 1000 trips are based on the total number of trips you have completed since driving for Uber. Go to your Driver App -> Click on Account -> Driver Profile and you will be able to see how many lifetime trips have been completed.

Drivers who are selected for the programme will receive notification from Uber

Bronze – 1000-2499 trips

Silver – 2500-3999 trips

Gold – 4000-5999 trips

Platinum – 6000 onwards

How to calculate guaranteed earnings

The guaranteed net earning is calculated based on – Weekly Total Fare + Weekly Total Incentive – Uber Commission Fee.

Example – If total fare is $1000 + total incentive is $150 – Uber commission fee (20%X$1000) = $950

Bronze Tier Guarantee – $1100 – $950 = $150
Silver Tier Guarantee – $1150 – $950 = $200
Gold Tier Guarantee – $1250 – $950 = $300
Platinum Tier Guarantee – $1400 – $950 = $450

How much can you earn with the new UberClub Loyalty Programme

Full-time Uber Drivers can expect to earn up to $6800 per month guaranteed, before deduction of operating costs like rental and petrol. Is is possible? Why not when it was previously reported that Grab Driver can earn up to $7400 per month.