Uber Scrap 80% Incentive Acceptance Rate

It is official! Uber drivers will no longer be required to achieve an 80% acceptance rate to qualify for incentives.

This initiative was on trial for selected drivers only, now Uber has made it official in order to compete with grab in providing flexibility to the drivers

Long overdue Email

If you have been closing following our weekly incentives update or checking the driver app thoroughly on the requirements, you would have noticed that the 80% Acceptance Rate requirement has not been in place for many weeks.

Good or Bad

Although Acceptance Rate has never really bothered Uber drivers, it is a good initiative to have. Instead of having to cancel on undesirable trips like (*berP*ol) and riders (for your own imagination), Drivers can now simply choose to ignore these type of trip requests. Removing the Acceptance Rating was not part of the changes Uber is making globally but it is in line with its objective of giving greater flexibility to driver partners.

Changes Welcome!

Uber has been hogging the limelight for many wrong reasons recently, from the defective Honda Vezels that they leased to Drivers to the worrying move of selling away their fleet of 500-1000 cars. The 4 changes introduced to help drivers and now the removal of Acceptance Ratings is a heartening improvement for many private-hire drivers seeking to achieve their incentives.

Many drivers have recently hopped back to the Uber platform after Grab suspended drivers for having low acceptance ratings. Grab requires its drivers to achieve a top level of acceptance rating, driver rating and cancellation rating to be eligible for any incentives.

 The Biggest Question that surrounds the Email received today

Who is Erica!

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