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What to do when you get into a dispute with Uber/Grab rider

There are hazards in every field of work.

The main job hazard for a Uber/Grab and Taxi Driver is facing the risk of abusive riders and fare evaders.

The number of fare evasion cases reported in the past years. Statistics from Public Transport Council
2015 – 240 cases
2014 – 125 cases
2013 – 80 cases

The numbers are on the uptrend and does not include many cases that goes unreported.

There were many cases of verbal/physical abuse on these helpless Drivers reported. Riders who viciously attack drivers when they are intoxicated and
more crafty ones would find ways to evade or review their fares to a minimum.

If you are a Uber/Grab driver, learn how to overturn a Uber Fare Review here 

Penalty for Fare-Evaders

Higher penalties were introduced in May 2016.If found guilty, fare evaders are liable to a fine of up to $1,000 for first-timers,

Subsequent offenders may be fined up to $2,000, or jailed up to six months, or both.

What to do when Rider cannot / refuse to pay 

  1. Keep Calm
  2. Take photo of Rider NRIC
  3. Get Rider handphone number. Call him on the spot to make sure that it is the real number
  4. Ask Rider to text you.

I, Johnny Tan S1234567Z, took a Uber/Grab trip on 1-Jan-2017 @ 11.20pm. I did not have enough cash to pay the driver Mr. Kim. The outstanding fare is $20. I will transfer the outstanding fare of $20 to driver bank account POSB 123-12345-9 by 2-Jan-2017, 12pm

Follow the template closely to make sure that you are properly covered.

5. Save the video and audio recording on your car camera immediately before it gets overwritten

What to do when Uber/Grab Rider get abusive/violent

  1. Advise rider to calm down and control themselves
  2. If rider continue to abuse or show violent, drive them to a safe place where there are people around or to the nearest Police station.
  3. Advise the rider that you are unable to drive them anymore and you will be cancelling the trip. Advise them to step out of the car
  4. If rider start to get abusive, call/sms Police immediately. You can SMS 71999 to Singapore Police Force if it is not convenient to speak.

SMS71999 Service is a text messaging platform by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for all members of public who require emergency assistance
and when it is not safe to call ‘999’.

5. Keep your car camera running and record all conversation/video as evidence.

You should NEVER

  1. Get into a FIGHT with the Rider. The moment you get physical is the moment you lose.
  2. Keep your NBCB, F*** your Mudder, P*k*MA to yourself.
  3. Offload your rider in the middle of nowhere like on the highway or in the middle of cemetery.

Even if you don’t give a damn about driving with Uber/Grab anymore, think about your rental contract. The payment just goes on.