Uber rider from Yishun did a fare review and took $25 off 1 trip

21 April 2017

Dear Firstlane,

I have just become a victim of this cheapo rider from Yishun. He did a fare review immediately after the trip and Uber cut my fare by half !

The trip happened on Friday 21 April 2017.

It was raining heavily throughout Singapore and I received a ping from the rider from Yishun Street 21. It was a 2.0X surge trip. The rider was a Singaporean Chinese male, with a 4.8* rating (before I did a review and gave him a 1*). The rider took the front seat and was headed towards the State Court on Havelock Square.

I asked him for his preferred route and he replied isn’t CTE the only route. Ok good as we sat off towards his destination. Anyone driving on Friday morning would know how jam was the roads were on Friday due to the massive rain.

The jam on CTE was so bad that it started from Seletar West. We will inching slowly like 30km/h all the way from Yishun till the CTE tunnel. The rider was so bored that he fell asleep.

When we finally reached, he commented that it is a long trip jokingly before he disembarked. I did not see anything wrong with the comment as I felt it was the most efficient route even though traffic was heavy.

  • Total Fare – $50.26 including 2X surge
  • Total Distance – 21.61km
  • Total time taken – 1hr 2min
  • ERP paid – $9 ($7 on CTE and $2 at CBD)
  • Total including ERP – $49.20

I continued with the morning drive as the map was 50 shades of red darker. The next few trips request I got was all 2.4X surge.

I only realised something was wrong when I turned on the app in the afternoon. My total earnings for the morning seems to have taken a dip. First thing that came to my mind was this trip and I checked this trip and it had become $24.50 from $49.20.

The rider had complained of inefficient route to Uber and they decided to slash half of my earnings for that trip off.

This is ridiculous! They listen to the one-sided story of the rider and decided to punish the driver without any proper consideration. It is not the first time I’ve heard of this story happening to Uber drivers in Singapore but the first time I’ve encountered it. I’m going to appeal and get back my deserved earnings.

To the cheapskate Yishun rider who wants to cheat me, if you cant afford dont take it. FuXK(&^$##^())_

To all my driving brothers out there, be it Uber, Grab, Taxi, how inefficient can my route be from Yishun to Havelock. Would you all have taken any other routes?


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