Violating Double White Lines at Woodlands Checkpoint May Result in Serious Consequences – Stay in your lane!

On Tuesday, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) took action to demarcate the two lanes on the viaduct leading into Woodlands Checkpoint with continuous double white lines between them.

This measure aims to deter queue jumpers and ensure smoother traffic flow – Keep an eye out for these markings during your commute!

Image – Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore

ICA had earlier announced that one of the two lanes along the viaduct that leads to the departure zone of Woodlands Checkpoint would be closed for seven hours daily between April 3 and 5.

Authorities have installed enforcement cameras along the viaduct to identify cars that violate traffic rules.

Drivers who are caught breaking the rules will be liable to a composition fine of $150/- and four demerit points.

ICA also highlighted that as the Qing Ming festival and the Good Friday long weekend are approaching, motorists are advised to take note of the heavy traffic that is expected during this time.

To ensure a safe and efficient journey, please follow traffic rules, maintain your lane discipline, and comply with the instructions from checkpoint officers.

Let’s all work together to keep the roads safe and flowing smoothly.

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