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What is GrabFamily and the Charges

Singapore’s favorite private-car hire service provider Grab is in the testing stages to offer a new service to cater to families with small children.

Introducing GrabFamily, this selected fleet of vehicles will come equipped with approved child seat to provide a safer ride for children and their family alike. Alternative is Uber Car Seat

Why the need?

Many parents are concerned on the lack of child restraint in taxis and private-hire vehicles when they are travelling with their young children. Many young parents can attest to the difficulty of handling their young kids, especially when they are alone and have 2 to 3 kids with them.

It may not be common knowledge to many that it is against the law for a private-car driver (uber/grab), to provide transportation service to anyone below the height of 1.35m without a child seat or proper child restraint. The only exemption to the rule is Taxi, public buses and MRT. Children below the height of 1.35m, request for a GrabFamily instead.

Who are the drivers

Selected drivers who has undergone training and has accumulated a high passenger rating are invited to provide the service.

What is the cost and charges

Base Fare – $4.55

Per KM rate – $0.68

Additional waiting time surcharges ($5/10) applies

Toll Charges (ERP/Sentosa)

Additional stops ($5/stop within 5km)

Get ready for GrabFamily 

Currently, the service is still in testing mode and may not be readily available to everyone. Be prepared for a longer waiting time before the service is fully launched. The next time you are travelling with young children below the height of 1.35m, request for this service

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