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What is Uber Car Seat and the charges

Uber Singapore is launching a new service soon to its line-up of ride-hailing options.

The new service is called Uber Car Seat

It is a new service option for families travelling with young children aged between 1 to 10 years old. All Uber Car Seat vehicles will be equipped with a child seat that has a 5-points safety harness that ensures the safety of the rider’s children.

The launch of this new service will be in response to rival Grab’s child friendly booking service GrabFamily

IMMI Go Car Seat

  • Foldable
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Assemble in 60 seconds
  • One year warranty

Children must be at least

  • 12 months old
  • 10Kg – 25Kg
  • 78cm to 1.45m tall
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What is the charges of a Uber Car Seat trip

There will be a surcharge of $5 on top of usual uberX fare for each trip.

How much is the child seat

The child seat retails at $440. Drivers can purchase it from Uber at a discounted rate of $129 when they become a qualified driver.
The first 100 sign-up will only pay $99 instead of $129
Uber will deduct the payment of the child seat over 4 instalments from the weekly statement

Why the need

Under the Road Traffic Act, it is illegal to ferry passengers under the height of 1.35m without a approved child seat.
Many Drivers have encountered situations where they are forced to cancel the trip on rider when rider does not bring along their own child seat for their children. Both Driver and Rider are affected and creates a bad Uber experience.

Do I have to bring the child seat everyday

The child seat need to be ready when rider specify for it through the booking. Drivers should only install it a the pick-up location
Drivers who accepted the trip but does not utilise the child seat will be charged a penalty of $10

How do I sign-up

Currently, it is only by invitation to selected Driver Partners. Follow us on our Facebook Page to get the link to sign up soon

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How to install the IMMI Go Car Seat

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