What Is The Food Delivery Rider Pay?

The food delivery industry has been experiencing exponential growth in recent years for the 3 Providers, Namely Grabfood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo

More and more people are opting to order food delivery to their homes or offices, thanks to the rise of technology and online ordering platforms.

Consequently, the profession of food delivery riders has become more in demand, and many individuals have turned to it as a flexible and lucrative source of income.

Channel NewsAsia recently filmed and interviewed a food delivery rider on what the work is like and how much they are been paid

The Foodpanda rider is an aspiring DJ who does delivery work to supplement his income and lifestyle.

He cites the flexible working hours, the pretty good earnings and quick cash as the reasons for working as a foodpanda rider.

How Much Can You Earn as a Food Delivery Rider in 2023

The topic of earnings in the freelancing private hire and food delivery world is both interesting and controversial. Over the years, drivers or riders have frequently shared their earnings on social media, sparking a barrage of responses.

Image – Hardwarezone

Earlier in 2022, a photo of a handwritten record was posted in a closed Facebook group for food delivery riders in Singapore. The delivery rider detailed his earnings for the month, which amounted to an eye-watering $8511.64.

The photo was widely shared after that.

In the video, the rider shared his working hours and realistic earnings.

He worked for 5 to 6 days a week and 8 to 10 hours a day, averaging about $12 per hour. He also emphasized that earnings are highly dependent on hitting the platform’s incentives.

The rider shared that the most he earned in a month were $4000, but this was during a time when the incentives were easier to achieve.

The Industry Statistics

Towards the end of the video, Channel NewsAsia shared some statistics.

4 in 10 in this trade worked more than 44 hours a week, the maximum recommended by the employment act.

Yet, 7 in 10 earned less than $3,000 in a month.

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