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5 reason Drivers get called up for coffee with IO

Ever wondered why are there so many Uber / Grab Drivers suspended or removed from the system.

We share with you the 5 most common reasons we heard of that why drivers got invited to drink coffee with investigation officer (IO).

Harassing rider after trip had ended without their permission

You may have strike a great conversation with the rider and she might even have given you a Great Conversation badge in their trip review, that does not equates to consent to be friends and call me.

There were many occasions of reported harassment where Drivers continued to pester Riders even after the trip has ended.

Some of the things Driver do

  • Exchange of namecard for the purpose of getting personal contact number
  • Search for Rider online with name and other details to get in contact with rider
  • Wait at Rider’s home or office to try to get matched for a trip

Shaming of Rider with details with others or on social media

Got pissed off by Rider and got into an argument that you cannot wait to share with your kakis on Facebook. Hold your fire!
Shaming of rider, especially with details such as photos, name and location that can identify the rider, is something Uber and Grab Drivers should never do.

With the widespread of social media, there are millions of eyes and ears watching what is said and posted.

Shaming of riders publicly is contravened to the privacy policy that will get the ride-hailing companies and even PDPA coming after you.

There have been a few past cases of public shaming on Facebook reported and not much have been heard of these Drivers since.

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Unsafe Driving behaviour

Arriving safely is of utmost importance for any trip. Dangerous driving behaviour not only endangers riders, it puts other users at risk.

Some unsafe driving behaviour that may result in a complaint from rider or public 

  • Reported smell of alcohol
  • Speeding
  • Harsh braking
  • Face to keep a safety distance (Tailgating)
  • Aggressive driving behaviour (honking / high-beam )

Fraudulent Behaviour

Many Drivers tries to beat the system just to hit trips for incentives. Time to clean up your act and stop doing it. Drivers have created many ways to ace the system since day 1. If Uber and Grab can create such a sophisticated location-based application that made them billions, you think they don’t know when you try your tricks on them.

Some of the usual Fraudulent Behaviour Exposed 

Self-booking – Booking yourself or asking your friend to book you repeatedly to achieve the Uber incentives / Grab incentives. Do not bother using multiple accounts on the same phone, it is like wearing different clothes to commit the same crime. Sure kena caught!

Cherry-picking trips – Call the rider and check where the trip is headed towards and cancel when it is not towards Driver’s intended direction. This is a common trick used on Uber in the past but highly advisable not to do it now. Grab has also punished drivers who choose only the high fare trips and suspend drivers with low acceptance ratings.

Completed trips without doing it – Started trip and ended trip to get the full fare without picking the Rider. Guaranteed to get complain from rider!

Sharing of account – 2 person sharing 1 account for many WRONG purposes.

Breaking the law

Carrying out illegal activities while driving may result in an investigation, suspension or removal from the system.

Some of the illegal activities include

Carrying drugs

Offering alcohol and cigarettes to riders, be it of legal age or not

Consumption of alcohol before or during driving