Grab suspends Drivers for low Acceptance Rating

Many Grab Drivers have been suspended from the Grab platform and will not be able to receive any more jobs due to the low acceptance ratings.

Grab Drivers, which include both Private-Hire and Taxis, were temporarily suspended between 24 hours and up to 2 weeks in the latest move by Grab.

The Straits Times reported that 780 taxi drivers were hit with a 2-weeks suspension

Why is Grab doing it

Riders have complained that it is difficult to get a car despite seeing many cars in the vicinity. Compared to its biggest competitor Uber, it is much easier to book a Uber vehicle despite Grab having a bigger pool of vehicles.

Why are Drivers not accepting trips

Many of these Drivers do not want to accept the trips for a variety of reasons such as too low fare, long pickup distance, GrabShare and paying for ERP to enter restricted zone to pick-up rider. Most of these drivers are also forgoing the weekly incentives that they feel it is not attractive anymore and only does trips with a higher fare.

What is the minimum required Acceptance Rate

Drivers are required to accept at 15 per cent of the job requests assigned to them per week. Drivers who fall below the minimum threshold will be reminded to take note of their Acceptance Rating. Failure to comply will result in temporary suspension of between 24 hours to 2 weeks.

How to improve on Acceptance Rating

It is simple. Start accepting your trips when you are online and available. Go offline if you do not want to accept any incoming job.

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