Uber Driver posted rider family photo to shame them BUT rider found out

Another week, another ugly confrontation between Uber Driver and Rider go viral.

In a social media posting, an Uber Driver shared his experience with a rider whom he claimed created trouble for him when he refused to pick up the rider who had 2 child but no baby seat.

The driver claimed that the rider refused to cancel the trip and walked away without closing the door and boot.

When the post was shared in various Facebook groups, comments flooded in fast and furious. Instead of achieving his objective of publicly shaming the riders, the Uber Driver was totally roasted and whacked upside down from people in the community.

The community was disgusted by the unprofessional act of sharing a rider photo publicly and shaming them.

The post attracted hundreds of comments in a short period before it was taken down

The power of social media meant that rider found out not long after and shot back with a response and his side of the story

Rider side of the story summarised

  • Driver opened boot but didnt come out to help
  • When rider got in the car, Driver told rider that he will not be accepting the booking if it was a long trip
  • Rider told Driver that it is a long trip as they are going to Woodlands from Holland
  • Driver declined to do the trip, asked the rider to cancel the trip and shouted at the rider to get out of the car
  • Rider’s children started crying as rider tried to unload the stroller and get out of the car
  • Driver shouted at rider to close his door behind but rider refused after all the verbal abuse
  • Driver got out and shouted ” I feel sorry for your kids for having such parents”

So there are 2 sides of the story which contradict each other.

Uber Driver vs Uber Rider – who is telling the truth?

Irregardless of the outcome, the Uber Driver is likely to face sanctions from Uber for sharing of riders’ details (photo) publicly and likely to be permanently removed from the system if the accusations are found to be true.

The Uber Driver could have just reported the incident to Uber and asked not to be matched with the same rider again. YES it is possible ! This is how professionals react !


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