Go-Jek Driver asked Rider to wait for him to finish eating

A Go-Jek Rider just screenshot and shared his unpleasant trip experience with a Go-Jek Driver on social media.

image – Mr. MohdK

Based on the screenshot of the conversation, the rider messaged the driver if he was coming to pick-up him up. The rider replied 20 minutes even though it was not a back-to-back trip and he was not dropping other riders off.

The status of the trip stated that Driver was on the way to pick the rider up.

Here Comes the Highlight

image – Mr Mohdk

When the rider questioned “Why” (We presume why 20 minutes so long), the driver simply replied a Sorry.

Probably due to frustration, the rider then proceeded to make the famous Made-in-Singapore threat. “You want to be Famous”

The Driver calmly responded with a 1-word answer after 2 minutes – Eating.

The conversation ended and the rider cancelled the trip on his end.

The rider took to social media to share the bad experience and calling out the unprofessional Go-Jek Driver.

Rider censored the Go-Jek Driver’s name and number plate.

image – Mr. Mohdk

Many drivers blasted the driver’s actions while some found his response absolutely hilarious. Some drivers even shared tips on how to make the driver cancel first in such situations.

Be Careful When you want to make someone Famous

It can be frustrating when we meet unreasonable riders/drivers. The natural instinct of retaliation in this era is to publicly shame and garner support online. It was not too long ago that a Go-Jek driver attempt to shame the riders backfired. In the end, the driver apologised and even filed a police report.

A Ryde Rider also complained on social media on how a Ryde Driver cursed his children to die.

Before you do share any content online to ‘whack’ people, always be careful as there are new laws in Singapore on doxxing.

Doxxing involves the publishing of someone’s personal information with the intention to harass. It could be photos, contact numbers or employment details.

Perpetrators of Doxxing could face a fine of up to $5,000 or a jail term of up to six months if the intention was to cause harassment.

The jail term can be as long as 12 months if the intention was to cause fear or provoke violence.

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