Go-Jek Driver attempt to shame rider backfires and apologises

The latest dispute between private-hire driver and riders has gone viral. The dispute is between a Go-Jek driver and an elderly couple over a fare discrepancy.

Video source – Singapore Incidents Youtube

What is the issue?

The elderly man claimed that the ride fare was $14.10 when he booked the ride. However, the Go-Jek driver’s driver’s app reflected a fare S$21.10, a $7 fare difference.

Sharing of video on Facebook

The video went viral and was wildly shared on social media. However, any attempts to gain support for his actions backfired. Netizens slammed the driver for his behavior and felt he overreacted.

It did not take long for the post and video to be removed but it was already too late. Many media and ‘vigilantes’ had already kept a copy of the video as they expect the original post to be removed in a matter of hours.

Sorry Sorry!

It did not take long for the Go-Jek Driver to come out and issue an apology on his Facebook Page.

Source – Facebook Mr. Heng

The apology did not have its desired effect as Netizens continued to flame his actions, though some agreed that it was the ‘system fault’ for his behavior.


What is next

This is not the first time drivers have filmed and shared the rider’s video on social media. In a similar incident this year, a Go-Jek driver was called up by LTA for filming and sharing the video online.

The driver in the incidents is likely to face actions from Go-Jek and the Land Transport Authority. Go-Jek for obvious service quality reasons and the LTA for filming and sharing rider’s video that does not fall within the guidelines.

Stay Calm and Carry On

Taking videos and shaming your riders is a big No-No for all private-hire drivers. Not only will you risk your hard-earned PDVL licence and also may face suspension or removal from the ride-hailing operator’s platform. Let Grab and Go-Jek handle these problems and focus on diving.

Call Grab Kerbside Assistance  Hotline (for emergency only) or their hotline for support when you have an issue with the trip. Go-Jek drivers can call the Go-Jek Hotline.

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