Gojek introduces Multi-Location in single trip and cancellation fee

Gojek riders will soon have to pay a $4 cancellation fee starting 20 July 2020.

Riders who cancel a booking five minutes or more after a driver has been assigned to them will be liable for a $4 cancellation fee. Similarly, a $4 cancellation fee will be charged when the rider cancels when the driver has arrived at the pick-up point.

The $4 cancellation fee is meant to compensate the time and effort driver spent in getting to the pick-up point in the event of a trip cancellation.

The five minutes grace period will also offer greater flexibility for riders. Riders have the option of cancelling within five minutes without incurring any cancellation fee.

The new cancellation policy is similar to that of Grab’s, which allows riders to cancel within 5 minutes for a JustGrab and 3 minutes for a GrabShare.

Multi-Destination on a Single Trip

Gojek will also introduce the multi-destination feature option for riders. Riders can book up to three destinations in a single trip when they book a trip.

Currently, Gojek riders can only book 1 destination on a trip.

The launch of the multi-destination feature might not a feature that Gojek drivers want.

With the option of multi-destination, they might see more riders grouping together to share a trip instead of booking 3 separate trips.

Drivers will see higher overall fare in a multi-stop trip due to the long distance but the time and effort are hardly justified.

Drivers who are clocking trips will also find such multi-destination trips time-wasting as they would only count as one trip.

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