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What is GrabCar cancellation Fee

Latest Revised Cancellation Policy from 11 March 2019

Grab has updated the cancellation policy for riders.

Grab Riders will be allowed to cancel for FREE within 5 minutes for a normal Grab trip and 3 minutes for a GrabShare trip. Previously, Grab riders only will incur a $5  fee after 3 cancellations in a week.

Grab Drivers can cancel the trip after 5 minutes of waiting time. The no-show rider will be charged a $4 no-show fee. Drivers who wish to continue waiting for the rider can choose to impose waiting time charges.

So Good? What is the catch?

If the Driver is more than 5 minutes late than the expected arrival time, the rider can also enjoy free cancellation.

image – Grab
image – Grab

All cancellation will be auto deducted via rider’s GrabPay account. For riders who pay by cash, it will be added to the cost of the next trip.

Previous Cancellation Policy for Drivers from 1 October 2018

Grab has tightened the weekly cancellation rating limit for drivers. Read more about the new measure

Previous Passenger Cancellation Compensation from September 2018

Grab has announced a $4 Passenger Cancellation Compensation fee to Drivers. Read the latest update here.

Previous Driver Cancellation Policy from July 2018

There is a new policy that allows Drivers to cancel up to 6 times without affecting their Cancellation Rating. Read the latest update

Grab revises rider cancellation policy

Grab has revised its cancellation policy to deter rider from excessive cancelling on the their Drivers. Under the new guidelines, cancellation fee will be incurred if the rider cancel 3 or more times across a rolling 7 day period.

The rider would be charged a cancellation fee of $5 for the 3rd cancellation onwards within a 7 day rolling period. Previously, riders were not charged for ride cancellations.

The new initiative should act as a deterrent against errant riders who cancels on Driver excessively.

The change would take effect from 29 May 2017

Cancellation Options for Grab Drivers

1.Accepted in error – Drivers accidentally accepted a job

2.Passenger no show – Rider is not at pick-up location and cannot be contacted

3.Can’t reach in time – Driver is unable to reach the pickup location due to traffic, breakdown or other reasons

4.Passenger request to cancel – Rider contacted the driver to request for cancellation

Drivers will receive $4 per trip for both NO SHOW (after 10 min) and PAX CANCEL (after 5 min).

Driver Tip – Grab has a low tolerance for cancellation rate. Excessive cancellation will affect Driver’s Incentive. Always ask the Rider to cancel on their end if they do not want the ride anymore.

ALL cancellation initiated by Rider will not affect Driver’s Cancellation Rate.