Grab app glitch islandwide as driver complain of $6 fare from Jurong to Changi

It is widely reported that there is a Grab app glitch on the afternoon of 25 October 2018. Drivers have taken to social media to share the standard $6 fare that will take you to anywhere in Singapore.

A trip originating from Jurong Point to Upper Changi Road reflects a fare of only $6 at 4.00pm, at the point of writing.

Die Liao Lah

Drivers are caught in a dilemma. If they don’t accept the trip, their Acceptance Ratings (AR) dip and will get timed-out after a few missed calls. If they accept the call and cancel, their cancellation rating (CR) will increase. Regardless, they can kiss their incentives for the week goodbye.

What should you do

  • Stay offline, go and makan till the glitch is fixed
  • Drive on other platforms like Ryde and Tada
  • Do the trip first and get Grab to review the fare later. Call Grab Hotline

Drivers should not waste their Acceptance Rating (AR) and Cancellation Rating (CR) on ignoring calls during this period.

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