What is Go-Jek/ Go-Car Private Hire Service

Latest Update – 11 October 2018

Go-Jek has finally spoken. They confirmed that they have tied-up with half a dozen car rental companies in preparation for their launch in Singapore.

According to our sources, driver recruitment has started and more drivers will soon be contacted soon.

All our private-hire brothers and sisters out there, please exercise caution when asked to sign-up online. Previously, it was reported that fake driver sign-up for Go-Jek were circulating in Facebook Groups.

Stay tuned on Firstlane for the latest on Go-Jek launch in Singapore.

Update – 4 October 2018

Go-Jek may be coming to Singapore may be happening as soon as October 2018. The TechCrunch reported that Go-Jek has plans to introduce a service in Singapore before the end of October according to an anonymous source with knowledge of the expansion plan.

Go-Jek has recently launched their motorcycle-hailing service in Vietnam named Go-Viet. It also started the recruitment process in Thailand.

Despite Singapore being a small market, it is an important market as the average fares are higher and private-hire car service has a significant market share.

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) reported that Grab has a market share of between 80 to 90 per cent while the largest taxi operator Comfort Delgro has a market share of only 10 to 20 per cent.

It is widely expected that Singapore would be the next in line of Go-Jek expansion plans.

What is Go-Jek

Go-Jek is an Indonesian tech company that started off as a motorcycle ride-hailing company in 2010.

They have evolved into an on-demand super app that offers a wide range of services like transportation, logistics, mobile payment and food delivery.

The company name Go-JEK originates from the local Indonesian term ‘Ojek’ or motorbike taxis in English.

Go Jek App
image – GO-Jek

Go-Jek to enter Singapore with Go-Car

2018 has been an eventful year for the ride-hailing market. The biggest announcement of the year has to be the merger of US ride-hailing giant Uber and Grab in Southeast Asia markets.

The exit of Uber in Southeast Asia presented an opportunity for new players to enter the ride-hailing market. Many local and international firms sprung up within months to try to fill the void left by Uber.

These firms include local companies Ryde, multi-service provider URGE, a startup by a group of private-hire drivers named Kardi and MVL Blockchain company Tada. India-based ride-hailing company Jugnoo also tried to enter the market but merged with Kardi within months of setting up.

In May 2018, Go-Jek announced that it will enter Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines within the next few months with a war chest of US$500m.

The motorcycle transport services will not be available in Singapore.

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) told The Straits Times previously that motorcycles are not allowed to be used for point-to-point transport services, unlike taxis and private hire cars.”

Go-Car will be the private-hire car booking service that will give Grab a run for their money.

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Go-Jek and Singapore

Private-hire drivers and consumers have been begging for a new dominant player to take the place of Uber. Since the departure of Uber in Singapore, the majority of private-hire drivers have since switched to Grab, which has seen its market share soar to 80%.

It has set up a data science office in Singapore since January 2017. It has about 20+ employees locally and most of them are data scientists. A check on their career page shows that they are still hiring

It has recently commented on the measures imposed by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) on the Uber-Grab merger.

They said they welcome the measures being taken to level the playing field — it will have a significant effect on our strategy and timeline.

It seems to be the clearest indication in months that they have plans to start in Singapore.