Grab Drivers Faced Issues with Driver App on 3 Jan 2019

Grab Drivers experienced technical issues with the Driver App on the morning of 3 Jan 2019.

Image – Grab Kaki Facebook Page

Grab Drivers tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but it did not solve the issue. Drivers who were using Android devices claimed that the Grab Driver App would just stop working.

Image – Grab Kaki Facebook Page

Update only at 1.14PM

Grab acknowledged the problem with the Driver App on its official Grab Kaki Facebook Page. Drivers were asked to uninstall and reinstall the Grab Driver App from Google Playstore or App store.

image – Grab Kaki Facebook Group

Drivers were clearly not pleased as the issue had not been fixed for hours. There was also no mention of any compensation for the Grab Driver app outage.

Problems with the Grab Driver App

Many Grab Drivers have been experiencing problems with the Grab Driver App. Recently, they have complained that the app has become a mobile data hungry monster app.

Image – Grab Kaki Facebook Page

A Grab Driver screenshot his mobile data usage had exceeded by 4.4Gigabytes. He also provided a screenshot of how much the Grab Driver App had sucked his mobile data.

The Facebook App is usually the top data consuming app for many people. In the case of this driver, the Grab Driver App managed to ‘suck’ more than 4 times the mobile data that Facebook consumed.

The 3 telcos in Singapore charges $10.70/GB for excess data usage. There goes $53.50 of hard-earned money for 4.4GB of excess data usage that the driver has incurred.

What has Grab done to solve the problem?

The excessive mobile data consumption problem surfaced in December 2018. A Grab driver wrote in to Grab on the issue and shared the response from Grab on Facebook.

Grab customer service ‘sincerely apologised’ that they would not be able to compensate drivers for the mobile data usage issue.

Drivers were outraged by the response from Grab for not taking responsibility for the problem despite their knowledge of the problem.

What can you do if you have an excessive mobile data usage problem?

Grab drivers can try to seek help from Grab through the Grab Hotline or through the in-app support. You should prepare ‘evidence’ such as data usage of your Grab app and the excess data charges that you are billed for.

Share with us on Facebook by leaving a comment if you have managed to get any form of compensation for the excess data charges! If the problem persists, you can always hop on to the other green competitor who has launched their services islandwide since 2 January 2019.

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