Grab set-up Facebook Group for real Grab Drivers only

Grab has created a closed Facebook Group only meant for Grab Drivers to join.

image – Grab Kakis Facebook Group

The Grab-Drivers-only group is named Grab Kakis.

Drivers Only

In order to join the group, drivers are required to provide the admin with their personal details that are registered with Grab for verification.

Verification may take a few days and drivers will only then be allowed to join in the discussion and post after their request to join the group has been approved.

What is this Group for

Grab Kakis Group Description – Hi there! Welcome to Grab Kakis SG Facebook group! What’s so great about this group you might ask? It’s a secret shack where we bond with one another. So instead of trumpeting your thoughts in the nooks and crannies of other groups, you now have a direct line – even a whisper, we can hear. Besides, you’ll also get the latest updates, features, tips & tricks from none other than Grab!

In short, share your thoughts, complaints and opinions which includes Car Insurance in this official group instead of washing your dirty linen in the many other unofficial public groups.

Grab will also make use of this group to share their latest Grab Incentives, updates, app features, tips & tricks.

image – Grab Kakis Facebook Group

Since most drivers spent more time reading on their Facebook than the emails from Grab.

Drivers can also sign-up for exclusive Grab events through the links here.

Those who do not wish to attend can also sound their opinion through the polls created by the Group Admin.

Why is there a need for a proper Drivers-Only Group

There is too many unofficial chatgroup that are very toxic. Discussions often turn into ugly squabbles, wrong information is shared and drivers often only share their bad experience with others, spreading the bad energy to others instead of motivating one another.

Many of these groups are also unregulated which allowed many non-drivers or ex-drivers to come in and stir shit among drivers.

They also allow advertisers to start spamming the group with all kind of products, whether they are related or not.

For those who can behave and engage in meaningful and non-aggressive conversation with your fellow drivers, you can register to join the Grab Kakis Group.

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