Grab PDVL ExpressOne Program for Drivers

Grab has announced their latest partnership with the Singapore Taxi Academy (STA) to deliver a variety of benefits to its drivers in Singapore.

The new Grab PDVL programme is called  ExpressOne. It is a new programme aimed to support drivers in their pursuit of the Private hire car Driver Vocational Licence (PDVL), in order to provide paid-chauffeured service in Singapore. You can find out more on Z10 commercial car insurance if you do not have 1 yet.

Drivers who signed-up on the ExpressOne programme can expect processing time to be reduced by half and expect support from Grab through the following initiatives.

  1. Additional Training and Testing Facilities – Grab will offer more facilities for PDVL training and examinations at their premises within Midview City and The Herencia. The additional space facility will help to cope with the high volume of drivers. It is projected that Grab and STA will handle up to 400 drivers that are attending the PDVL training sessions and exams daily.

2. Free Coaching Sessions – Grab and STA will provide extra training sessions for drivers
require greater assistance in passing the PDVL exams.

3. Financial Aid and Incentives – Grab will cover all costs related to the PDVL application and the required medical check-up. Drivers who possess an Approval-To-Drive (ATD) from LTA will also be eligible for a PDVL Learning Bonus Scheme of up to $300, equating to a reimbursement of their average daily fare, when the driver passes the PDVL exam.

image – Grab

Example of Learning Bonus Scheme Payment

image – Grab

Only Drivers who possess the Approval-To-Drive (ATD) from LTA will be eligible for the Learning Bonus Scheme Payment. 

Grab Drivers who are renting from Grab Rentals will also be eligible for 1-day off their rental if they meet the requirements.

image – Grab

4. English Language and SkillsFuture Support – Grab will sponsor English language proficiency tests for drivers who do not meet the requirements to be a Private-Hire Driver. Grab PDVL training costs are claimable from individual SkillFuture credits and Grab will guide drivers in the reimbursement process. Grab will cover the training cost for drivers who are not eligible to claim from SkillFuture credits.

ExpressOne will greatly reduce the waiting time for new drivers to start driving on the private-hire platform. Existing drivers with a valid Approval-To-Drive from LTA will have until 30 June 2018 to pass the examinations.

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