Grab to finally launch rider rating system

Grab is testing out a ‘new’ feature where Grab Drivers can rate Riders after a trip.

In an email sent to selected Grab Driver Partner.

Grab said that they have heard Driver’s feedback and will pilot launch the ‘brand new rating feature’ to measure satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

A Shocking New Feature

When we were informed by a member of our community of the pending launch, we were so impressed at the Grab has finally heard the Driver’s feedbacks after four years of operations in Singapore.

How it works

At the end of the trip, Driver will choose between a happy face or an angry face.

When clicked on the angry face, a list of possible angry reasons for Driver to select.

How useful is this feature to Drivers

Although Grab Drivers can now rate Riders, rider’s rating is not shown upfront to the driver to let them decide if this is a good or lousy rider to pick. Driver will only know if the rider is good or lousy after they have experienced it for themselves.

This feature is not going have any positive impact on Grab Driver Partners. The launch of rider rating after so long is an attempt to reconnect with Drivers, who have become disillusioned with Grab after recent incidents where drivers were suspended for low acceptance ratings and the pending launch of Grab Farelock Pass where drivers have suspicion on who will bear the fare difference despite Grab’s assurance. The launch of this feature does not address other critical issues that driver hates about Grab.

Why will it not work

If drivers are not able to see rider’s rating upfront, they would not know if this is a good or lousy rider to pick. Even if Grab decides to show rider’s rating upfront, it would also have minimal benefit to drivers. Many drivers who are chasing after the weekly incentives will Lan Lan suck thumb (LLST) and accept the trip as missing any trips will affect their acceptance ratings and in turn, put their incentives at risk.

I give this a 1* rating for Grab’s Rider Rating feature

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