Top 3 things Driver hate about Grab

Everyone always has something about their job that they hate.

We list out the Top 3 things that Grab Drivers hate about driving for Grab in Singapore

Cancellation Fee – 

Grab reimburse their Driver a cancellation fee of $2 in credit in the event of a rider no-show.

Why Grab Drivers hate it

  • Time and petrol wasted to get to rider’s pick-up point. $2 doesn’t justify the monetary losses suffered
  • Any Grab Driver would tell you how much they dread to cancel as it will affect their acceptance rate and incentives

Understand GrabCar cancellation fee 



Partner support hotline and email

Why Grab Drivers hate it 

  • Hotline is always so busy that you wonder is the line working or your phone is not working
  • You can sense how inexperienced the customer service people are when different people gives you different interpretations
  • Customer service officer are never able to make any decisions and any promise to call back is never fulfilled

Grab new customer service number in 2017

Incentive Criteria

There are 3 main criteria to fulfil in order to be eligible for the weekly Grab incentives. Acceptance Rate , Cancellation Rate and Driver Ratings must satisfy the standards set by Grab to qualify.

Why Grab Drivers Hate It 

  • Drivers do not have the luxury to cherry-pick their trips as they cannot afford to miss or cancel trips
  • Drivers are forced to accept trips with ridiculous requests. (See some of the trip request)
    When rider refused to cancel, drivers have to cancel and affect their ratings

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image credit – Uber /Grab Facebook Group

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