GrabShare rider posted Grab Driver photo online to shame

In another case of rider attempting to shame driver by sharing his details such as photo and vehicle.

This lady was on a GrabShare trip when she decided to screenshot the trip details and posted to the Uber / Grab drivers’ group.

Her attempt to ‘shame’ the Grabcar Driver had a different impact altogether.

The ever-present community got together to protect their fellow driver, started to criticise and turned it on her instead

Posting of Driver details is wrong – even if you are right !

Beauty has its privileges and not having it has its consequences

Suggestions to punish Rider

CSI your teaching past 

Dear Riders,

As you can see, do not attempt to shame your Uber / Grab drivers by posting our photos and details online.

We are out there to earn a living and do not appreciate that. What would our family, friends and children think of us when they see the bad press you have created for us.

If you have an issue, take it to Uber / Grab / LTA or whatever proper authority to sort it out professionally.

The private-hire drivers like to bicker at times but they are a righteous group who will go all out to protect our community together if we are attacked on the blind side.

This lady is just one of many examples. She is not the first and probably wont be the last.

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