GrabShuttle Plus, on-demand shuttle bus service

Grab has launched a new Bus Shuttle service called GrabShuttle Plus. This trial service will kick off in Punggol and allow users to book a ride to travel between any two bus stops in Punggol.

You can see this as a service to complement the already existing bus network.

The introduction of GrabShuttle Plus comes shortly after LTA announced they were looking into introducing on demand bus shuttle service in area with low demand during off-peak hours.

How is GrabShuttle Plus different from GrabShuttle

GrabShuttle Plus operates on a stop-to-stop service without a pre-determined route. The route is planned based on rider’s demand. It is a different service from the original GrabShuttle where they operate on fixed routes.

How does it works and charges?

Riders can make a booking on the GrabShuttle Plus App and a bus would arrive at the pick-up point between 5 to 10 minutes. Riders can download the GrabShuttle Plus App from the Apple and Google Play stores. Take note it is a seperate app from the GrabShuttle app and the usual Grab app.

Riders are guaranteed a seat. The cost per booking is $1.20. Riders travelling with children who require a seat must book a separate seat.

What are the operating hours

The service is available from 6am to 10pm daily, including public holidays

Give me Free Rides

First 4 GrabShuttle Plus rides are free with the promo code SHUTTLEPLUS.

The All-in-One Provider

Grab is working on all fronts to become the undisputed leader in Singapore’s transport network. Earlier this week, they launched a Never Seen Before promotion for Comfort Delgro Taxi Drivers to encourage taxi drivers to jump ship to private-hire. This was shortly after it was reported that close to 3000 taxi drivers expressed interest in jumping ship.

The success of the GrabShuttle Plus trial in Punggol will create more opportunities for Grab to provide the service to other neighbourhoods. The on-demand service that caters specifically to rider’s demands may make traditional bus services look inefficient and costly to operate.

Grab’s determination to dominate the market seems to be a matter of time.

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