What is Kardi private-hire booking service

The exit of Uber from Singapore has prompted many new companies vying to fill the big void left behind. In the past few months, many ride-hailing firms have entered the private-hire market. They include Jugnoo from India, Singapore-headquartered MVL (My Vehicle Ledger), local firms Ryde and Filo Technologies.

Indonesian ride-hailing company Go-Jek is also due to make its entrance into Singapore and South-East Asia markets in the coming months.

A new player by local drivers and ex-staff of ride-hailing app

Comes June 5, 2018, a new Singapore based start-up company will be the next to launch their private-hire ride-hailing services.

The new start-up will be named Kardi, founded by 27-year old Ashwin Selambram. According to the information on social media, Kardi is created by local drivers and ex-staff of ride-hailing apps, which presumably are ex-Uber staffs.

Kardi’s proposition to private-hire drivers

Kardi Singapore
image – Kardi Facebook

They have listed 4 reasons to attract private-hire drivers to start driving for Kardi and they are specifically targeted to address some of the long-standing issues that private-hire drivers are facing.

It also promotes a #Support Local initiative, where they encourage local to work together and support each other to achieve a better future.

Signing Up as a Kardi Driver

The question on many drivers’ mind now is “How Do I Sign-Up”?

Kardi private-hire service Singapore
image – Kardi Facebook

Kardi has been actively recruiting drivers to sign up as a driver through social media.

  1. NRIC (Front and Back)
  2. Driving Licence (Front and Back)
  3. Vehicle Log (From OneMotoring)
  4. PDVL (Front and Back)
  5. Screenshot of your bank account number and account holder name
  6. Commercial Motor Car Insurance

Details of new-driver sign-up incentives or referral incentives are not available at the moment. Drivers who would like to give it a shot with Kardi can prepare the documents and sign-up online.

Massive Changes to come in the private-hire industry

With the 1 July deadline nearing for those without a PDVL licence, there is expected to be an exodus of drivers in the coming month. Despite the potential fall in numbers, many more private-hire ride-hailing firms are still jumping into the market. A ‘market correction’ coming soon?

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