No more Earning Guarantee and lesser Gems for Grab Driver Partners

Grab has made new changes to driver’s incentive program that will affect many of their driver-partners.

Changes coming in September 2019

Removal of Earning Guarantee

Come Monday 30 September 2019, Grab will discontinue the earning guarantee program. The earning guarantee program helps assure driver-partners make a minimum amount of earnings weekly.

Earning Guarantee
image – Grab Singapore

The removal of the Earnings Guarantee program poses a threat to the driver’s earnings. Drivers who are unluckily assigned to many low-fare Grabshare jobs may see their earnings take a hit without the assurance of the income guarantee.

Reduction in Gems

Grab has also made changes to the Gems incentive program that most drivers are on.

image – Grab Singapore

Drivers will earn lesser Gems for both weekday and weekend peak hour trips. They will also no longer earn Gems during off-peak hours except for Grabshare trips.

Bringing Value and Benefits for the long term

image – Grab Singapore

Grab explains the latest changes in a few thoughtfully planned words.

We will be making changes that brings values and benefits for the longer term.

Grab Driver-Partners are looking forward to how they can benefit from the reducing incentives and lesser income protection ‘in the longer term’.

commercial Car insuranceMore to Come?

This is not the first time drivers have been affected in 2019. About 3 months ago, drivers were abruptly informed that their off-day subsidy incentive would be removed from 1 July 2019.

The Off-Day subsidy is a benefit to encourage drivers to take an off day and yet still get reimbursed by Grab. It was launched to much fanfare back in mid-2018

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