Peak Hour Boost is back on 4 Dec 2018

For those who were enjoying the once in a bluest moon peak hour boost last weekend, it is back again on 4 December 2018.

Peak Hour Boost for 4 December 2018

Every trip completed during the peak hours of 4 December 2018 will qualify for the peak hour boost of $5 per trip.

Qualifying Peak Hour Period for 4 December 2018

7 am to 9:59 am (Morning Peak)
5 pm to 7:59 pm (Evening Peak)

For the not so sure drivers, the qualifying timing is based on the time of the trip request received. E.g. If you take a GrabShare call at 7:59 pm and get a second matching call at 8.01pm, only the first trip will qualify for the $5 bonus.

Wah Ho Seh Liao! Free Money Again!

Yes, it is easy money again but it is different from last weekend. There are qualifying rules for the peak hour boost for 4 December 2018.

  1. Acceptance Rating (AR) – 90%, Cancellation Rating (CR) – Below 10% and Driver Rating (DR) Min 4.3The AR, CR and DR requirement is based on 4 December only. It means even if you screwed up your AR and CR for the week already, you can still qualify if your AR. CR and DR for 4 December 2018 can meet the requirement.
  2. Minimum of 3 peak hour trips on 4 December 2018 

    Driver must complete a minimum of 3 peak hour trips on 4 December 2018 to qualify. If you do 10 trips, you can $50 top-up. You do 2 trips, you get $0 top-up.

  3. Destination Trip Are not Counted 

    This is quite standard. All destination trips are not counted and eligible for the $5 per trip fare boost. 

Why suddenly give easy money?

Unless you are living in space, then you would not know that there is a new Green in town to take on the old Green Grab. Go-Jek, one of the largest ride-hailing company has beta launched in Singapore last week and is actively recruiting drivers. Go-Jek Drivers registration has started and thousands are waiting to be onboarded.



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