The Uber Fuel Card gives you petrol discount up to 36.5%*

The NEW Uber Fuel Card that give drivers like us discounts of up to 30% OFF fuel prices. Both Private car owners and Lion City Rental Partners (LCR) will get to enjoy the benefits.

 image source – uber


1. Upfront 18% discount at Esso Petrol Station

2. Up to additional 12% discount if weekly trips criteria are met. Destination trips are counted.

3. Applicable to both 95/98 grade petrol and diesel

4. No registration fees

5. No annual subscription fees

6. Additional cash rebates for Citibank/OCBC Card holders

Illustration with the use of Citibank Cash Rebate Card

image source – Abecha

* – 8% rebate off the net pump price after 18% upfront discount is equivalent to 6.5% off the gross pump price.

Hero or Zero ?

The more you drive, the more petrol subsidy you get.

Fuel prices are skyrocketing ! Save more to Make More !
Professional Uber drivers that drives full-time should make sure they get the best discount for their business !

 FAQs on Uber Petrol Card

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